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ESCN series of conferences


Phrenos has helped the European Strategic Communications Network (ESCN) organise a series of meetings, workshops and thematic conferences to showcase the ESCN’s most recent analysis papers. ESCN is a joint programme between the Ministry of the Interior of Belgium (IBZ) and the European Commission (DG Home).

The events aimed at developing the findings of the paper and exploring what possibilities there were for progress. With the help of insights from academia, the private sector and Member States, the events were set up to develop ideas for better understanding the impact on domestic audiences and how to begin building a response.
Three successive contracts were won and implemented between April 2018 and December 2019 for a total of 16 events among which:

Thematic Meetings, Networking Meetings and Workshops in Brussels
1 Workshop in Madrid (January 2019)
– 1 Insight Visit in London (July 2019)
1 Networking Meeting in Helsinki (September 2019)
1 Insight Visit in Copenhagen (November 2019)
The closing Conference in Brussels at Bibliothèque Solvay with 130 attendees (December 2019) organised the day after a walking dinner at Musée des Instruments de Musique.

Since the first event in April 2018 Phrenos has been advising on the conceptualisation of the various events and managing all logistical aspects (Accreditation, Technics, Catering, Venue Management, Signage, Travel & Accommodation, Graphic recording, Note-taking and Interactive tools.