As digital technologies continue to develop at a rapid pace and the use of health data continues to widen, both are beginning to change both our lives and the organisation of healthcare, xHealth, with EBC, would like to take a step forward and join the forerunners in the digital movement.

We would like to join the leading voices in digital health, as we believe we offer the right arena to build consensus amongst many different stakeholders. We are firm believers of human centered solutions. We need to focus on building and supporting citizen-driven demand in eHealth, getting away from a “task-focused perspective” and rather focusing on a systemic approach (PX paradigm).

Accordingly, we aim to:

1) create simple ways for patients to take control of their lives and benefit from easily accessible digital technology for healthcare;

2) ensure inclusion of health professionals, providers, carers and researchers. As demonstrated in the EBC study on the “Value of Treatment for Brain Disorders in Europe”, the future of healthcare and improved brain health lies in the hands of “information and communication technologies”. This digital future is clearly on its way already.

This workshop aims to answer to overarching questions:

_ What are the benefits of digital technology for healthcare for the brain?

_ How do we ensure these benefits reach the people who need it most?

With xHealth – share #BrainxHealth for more conversations on social media – we include a platform for exchange on digitalisation at the crossroads of many approaches and disciplines with a focus on human-centred design (HCD). By human-centred, it is also suggested that there is a need to move from the UX paradigm and task-focused approach to the PX paradigm: where P stands for the Person, the Human, but also highlights other Ps, P for patient, P for health professional/provider, P for partner i.e.relative or carer, P for healthcare partner/enabler.

This change of paradigm highlights a multi-stakeholder systemic view rather than an operational task-centred view.

Workshop Agenda (updates on EBC website)

13:30 Networking lunch

14:00 Opening Address – Mr Mirchal Boni, MEP

14:10 EBC Welcome from Chair – Prof. David Nutt, EBC President

14:20 Representative from Estonian Permanent Representation to EU

14:30 Magda Chlebus (EFPIA)

14:40 Monika Benson (MyDystonia App)

14:50 Kim Baden-Kristensen (Brain+)

15:00 Examples of research + innovation in eHealth

15:20 Discussion, Audience Q&A

15:50 Closing Address— Mr Carlos Zorrinho, MEP

16:00 End

We hope to bring together a group of eHealth experts with many different views, covering data sharing, patient engagement, research & innovation, integration and examples of innovative solutions. This workshop will work as an introduction to Brain eHealth and could potentially feed into a further series of more focused eHealth topics.