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Lorenzo Natali Media Prize – 2018

D7 - Lorenzo Natali Media-1888

The Lorenzo Natali Media Prize 2018 aimed to bring to the front the outstanding and courageous work of journalists working across the globe, covering topics linked to development and poverty eradication, in line with DG DEVCO’s commitments.

With the Award Ceremony being held in parallel and during the European Development Days (EDDs), mc Group/Phrenos ensured through its past and current management of EDDs, that the Prize benefits from the EDDs network and insights guaranteeing maximum exposure and effective coordination.

mc Group/Phrenos has established an in-depth methodology which takes into account the need to have a coherent approach to timing and deadlines. In addition, as mc Group/Phrenos has managed EDDs since 2015 (and holds the contract for 2018), it will put in place a dedicated and carefully selected team of experts with years of know-how on ensuring synergies and the successful coordination of both teams.

To achieve this, mc Group/Phrenos provided an integrated five-phased approach to ensure all five regions are fully targeted, that nominations represent the highest levels of journalism and that maximum visibility and promotion is given to the Prize, before, during and after the Award Ceremony.

mc Group/Phrenos focused on securing at the earliest stage the support of a leading journalism school, international media partners, moderators and a strong and recognised jury membership. This ensured a level of quality and prestige and generate the necessary visibility within the global media community.

Parallel to a strong network of dedicated partners and personalities, mc Group/Phrenos proposed a far-reaching communication campaign made up of a variety of tools, ranging from traditional media advertising to press conferences, social media platforms, and audience engagement. This generated the necessary buzz and recognition to elevate the Award as the major journalism prize in Europe, whilst promoting DG DEVCO’s mission and objectives.

Being an award, it is essential that a ‘buzz’ is created once the nominees are announced. To this end, mc Group/Phrenos proposed that the nominees are provided with platforms to share their stories and media partner networks are used to the fullest.