Looking at events

To launch 2018, Phrenos is organising a unique moment where we will look at events and how they are being conceived, organised, shared, attended. Despite all the screens and the the digital activities, as well as social media hyperactivities, events have never been so successful.


What makes an event tick ? How do we engage attendees ? What are the ROI for events’ organisers ?

Who better than MDI founder Maarten Vanneste to share his views and thoughts about the events industry !?


Should you wish to attend this evening hosted by Phrenos, thanks to register via this “form” and we will come back to you about the details of the 25th Jan. evening.



More about our guest speaker for this premiere LOOKING@EVENTS evening.

Maarten Vanneste, started his company ABBIT in 1982 at age 18. It grew from an AV company over production to a full-service meeting design company that does 92% export . With more than 30 years’ experience he is seen as a Meeting Industry leader and visionary. He founded the Meeting Design Institute in 2006. In 2007 Maarten wrote the ground-breaking manifesto ‘Meeting Architecture, a manifesto’. This became an industry bestseller that lead to an international movement and educational projects around meeting design. With a focus on the objective based meeting design the Meeting Design Institute organises events and education. Maarten teaches up to 5 day training and has been to Australia, South Africa South America, etc. In 2012 he started the FRESH Conference; a conference on conference design.

In 2016 The FRESH Conference became a world first Multi-Hub conference; participants could join a hub in one of 5 countries. As the founder of the award-winning Multi-Hub Meetings technology, Maarten is an influential innovator, author, trainer and speaker when it comes to hybrid and digital events. For his relentless work and influence in the meetings industry, he received the IMEX Academy Award in 2005 and the MPI RISE Award for Industry Leadership in 2011.

Let’s keep in touch and get into conversation with @PHRENOSeu and @maartenvanneste